Digital Enterprise and Security 2023


How to keep up with digitalisation,
accelerate business development
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15 September 2022

Prague | The Hotel Fitzgerald

What is Digital Enterprise and Security 2022?

Information & Networking

IAM and Enterprise Security 2022 is a professional platform not only for IT bosses but also for TOP managers. It is a meeting that will showcase the main benefits and advantages of securing corporate data, from user access and administration to document security including digital signatures and related legal formalities.

The meeting aims to support all those who think in business terms and perceive the need for security not only as an obligation but also as an opportunity to improve the user-friendliness, security and efficiency of a given company’s security team.


What will the meeting be about in 2022?

Business & Security

How do you prevent sensitive data leaks and still make money? With reports of sensitive data leaks becoming increasingly frequent in recent months, this year’s meeting will focus primarily on protecting corporate data from internal attacks and show that even this component of internal costs has its benefits and overlap with business.

We will focus on Identity & Access Management, its individual components and benefits, and the possibilities of its application within an organization, including trends and visions in this topic. We will also touch upon the importance of document security and the possibility of digital signing, including the legislative requirements. Experts and practitioners, whom you can meet in person, will present their arguments and experiences and will also be available for networking.



Obtaining information from experience is a complex and lengthy process. Connecting companies and sharing information is proving to be the right way forward for future development. Come and hear from industry experts and find out how the field of security can develop your business.

Who is the meeting for?

IT & Business

The meeting is not only for IT Managers and CIOs, because, with regard to how it can support a particular organization, it can also be beneficial and insightful to members of Top Management who are responsible for running a company.

Equally, this platform will provide insight into the peripheral parts of IAM and other areas of document security that can be inspiring to colleagues in the Security Team of the organization.

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The Hotel Fitzgerald

The Hotel Fitzgerald

Vítkova 151/26, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín

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Transport / public transport connections

  • 5-minute walk from the metro station of line B/C Florenc
  • 150m from the Karlínské náměstí tram stop
  • parking on Vítkova street, purple zone, CZK 30/hour


Eliška Lomová
Eliška Lomová

IT & Marketing Assistant

+420 734 332 780


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